CSF in 2018

Explaining who we are, and what we are aiming to do in creating the series.
Meet our Artists: Bonnie Brown, Piano

As one of our Artistic Directors and a remarkable pianist in her own right, Bonnie Brown has enjoyed a wonderful career in chamber music - not least of which with her piano duo with fellow Australian pianist Louisa Breen ‘Brown & Breen’. Here we see Bonnie and Louisa in full flight during an album recording at Iwaki Auditorium, December 2013, playing Miriam Hyde's ‘Toccata For Two’

Video footage Ron Brown, Jessa Rose Editor
Meet our Artists: Michelle Wood, Cello

An opportunity to see one of our artists this year, cellist Michelle Wood (also one of our Artistic Directors!) in action with her quartet of 14 years, the Tinalley String Quartet. Michelle was the founding cellist of the quartet, and whilst 2017 saw the end of her time with the group, she carries with her many fond memories - not least of which this concert featuring Barber’s ‘Adagio’ in 2016. 

Video footage with thanks to Agatha Yim, and Tinalley String Quartet (


Recordings from some of our 2018 artists...
Songs of Home
Bonnie Brown and Louisa Breen
Big Dwarf Music, 2016


Ravel & Debussy String Quartets
Tinalley STring Quartet

Decca, 2018


Haydn Op.20
Tinalley String Quartet

Move Records, 2014


Kristian Winther, 
Michelle Wood & Anthony Romaniuk
Melba Records, 2007