Ticketing for CSF Concerts

Owing to security measures at the Australian Embassy Paris and the present “Plan Vigipirate” in Paris, all members of the public who wish to attend CSF Concerts must register for tickets to each performance.

No attendance will be allowed without prior registration, and each person attending must fill out the following form. Registration is a requirement of the Embassy, and not a guarantee of attendance at the concert, so we recommend that all patrons arrive early at the event to ensure their seat. Doors open 45 mins before the performances. 

Families can register multiple members attending in the field below
by supplying the full name of each family member. 

We recommend that concerts are suitable for children, however from the ages of 6 and up. 


(All information provided will be kept strictly confidential)

Concert Attendance following registration - ​​please note

  • Once patrons have registered to attend a CSF concert, please be advised that it is
     not an absolute guarantee that you will be able to attend the concert.

  • As you will be required to go through security at the Australian Embassy, and seating is limited, 
     please allow plenty of time to arrive before the performance.

  • Whilst ticket registration will be capped at the maximum seating capacity,
     attendance and seating is still allocated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. 

  • Due to security at the Australian Embassy on the day of the concert, 
     each of your registered guests will be required to have identification for entrance into the Embassy.