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In partnering with CSF in 2018 you are not simply associating with a world-class cultural event at a prestigious venue in a leading European capital. You are investing in a new, global event brand that has exponential room for growth looking forward.

Our vision is to establish CSF as an international reference for boutique classical music events, taking the series global with performances in broader Europe and Australasia. We not only intend to increase the number of yearly performances, but expand our artist base, including more international names in classical music and larger musical formations. Ultimately, CSF will reach significant audience numbers through international radio broadcasts and live streaming of the performances over the Internet.

By partnering with CSF in our inaugural year, you will connect immediately with both leading international corporations and the music lovers of Paris. Your company will also enjoy the rewards of your initial association with CSF well into the future, as our international network continues to grow and expand with us.
across all business sectors. Network with invited guests of the Australian Embassy and other international leaders in business, and watch your networks grow into the future.


your brand through targeted campaigns to CSF’ connected and unique audience base, increasing your global presence and championing your brand as an international business leader .


key stakeholders in your business with elegant, intimate and unforgettable events, facilitating your commercial interactions in a relaxed, cultural space.

Positive Brand Alignment

demonstrate a firm commitment to good corporate citizenship, philanthropy, and increase your image as both cultured and cultivated through associated with this unique and sophisticated event. 

Our Existing Partners

Expatriate Magazine Paris
Media Partner 2018

CSF is delighted to introduce our primary media partner, Expatriates Magazine Paris. Expatriates Magazine serves the international community in Paris through print, web, social and event platforms, and are are deeply committed to promoting CSF to the largest possible local French and international audience. Through their print, web and social media platforms they have built a community of over 240,000 readers of both local French and international backgrounds.​

Bonnie Brown is the proud winner of Expatriate Magazine’s Best in Paris: Best Music Teacher in Paris for 2017, and has developed a strong bond with the magazine over several years.

CSF are the featured cover story in March 2018 and Expatriates Magazine will continue to promote and feature CSF intensively throughout 2018 - a wonderful partnership that we are looking forward to building on towards the future!